GRSI Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation in Community Sponsorship

Wednesday, June 24 // 15:30-17:30 EST

The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) convened a discussion on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) within the context of community sponsorship programs (CSPs). Showcasing M&E practices from across the world, speakers were invited to share their respective projects and findings, as well as lead breakout room discussions on areas of inquiry best served by M&E.

Global Sponsor Summit

Wednesday, May 6 // 15:30-17:30 EST

There is strength and hope in numbers.  That was my first thought when I realized how many like-minded people were taking part in the GRSI call.  I honestly did not realize, from my little Newtown bubble, that so many groups around the globe were resettling refugee families by community co-sponsorship.  Hearing others sharing their passion, struggles, and victories gave me such a sense of world community….Being a part of the GRSI meeting while resettling a refugee family during this unprecedented time has helped me put my own life, our group’s actions, our country, and the world in perspective. One of the speakers that really resonated with me was UNCHR [Assistant High Commissioner] who stated: ” leave no one behind, reach back and bring them with us”.  This is why we all entered into the refugee resettlement effort. We are reaching back and it’s messy and sometimes difficult but it is an absolute necessity if we are going to make a dent in the global refugee crisis.  I am grateful to have been on the call and am delighted that my network of fellow co-sponsors has grown exponentially! 

US Community Sponsor

Global Sponsorship Call

Wednesday, April 29 // 15:30-17:30 EST

GRSI hosted a second global call with the whole Sponsorship ecosystem to review progress and identify new and emerging needs in respective programs. 

Canadian Council for Refugees: Immigration & Settlement – COVID-19

Thursday, April 23 // 14:00 EST

This meeting was open to each member who is interested in receiving and sharing information about issues affecting the immigration and settlement of people with precarious status on:
· Housing
· Healthcare
· Income support

Mobilizing new sponsors in time of COVID

Wednesday, April 22 // 15:30-17:30 EST

57 participants from 8 countries joined this final workshop in the GRSI COVID response series. The focus was dynamic and forward-looking: what does the disruption of this current moment mean for longer term planning in sponsorship and mobilization of sponsors in particular?

Four leading experts shared their ideas and strategies for building and sustaining a unified, positive narrative in this difficult moment and beyond; developing effective communication and mobilization
campaigns to push for program development and sponsor recruitment; and improving the refugee sector’s skills in change management, community mobilization and communication outreach.

Remote Sponsor Training

Wednesday, April 15 // 15:30-17:30 EST

32 participants from 9 countries joined this week’s Workshop which explored the challenges of transitioning resources and training online. Participants shared their practical experiences in developing online training, best practice in delivering interactive remote communication technologies, and identified ways to support each other, sponsors and newcomers during COVID-19 physical distancing.  A number of innovative resources were shared by participants, which are all available on the GRSI COVID-19 response web portal.

Maintaining engagement of sponsors in time of COVID

Wednesday, April 8 // 15:30-17:30 EST

With resettlement suspended there is an increasing number of sponsors in waiting who have already been vetted and selected but will not be receiving a sponsored family for a long time. In order to preserve their interest, it is crucial to develop strategies to maintain their motivation and pivot their availability to address immediate needs in local communities and for refugees worldwide.

Meeting the immediate needs of sponsors and sponsored refugees

Wednesday, April 1 // 15:30-17:30 EST

As a consequence of COVID-19 sponsors are adapting to deliver support in new circumstances where physical presence restricted while needs on the side of beneficiaries increase. This call will allow us to identify and share key experiences and tools developed by organizations involved in sponsors’ support and modalities to develop context-sensitive communication.

Call: COVID and Sponsorship

Wednesday, March 25 // 15:30-17:30 EST

The University of Ottawa Refugee Hub, a partner of the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI), hosted a global virtual convening of sponsorship actors to exchange updates and ideas about how the sponsorship ecosystem can respond to the COVID-19 health crisis. More than 100 participants from 15 countries joined the call.